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Building mental health resilience, every encounter, every client!

About Us

NorKris provides holistic, therapeutic and supportive mental health care services to adults, children and families in the state of Maryland, predominantly in Harford and Cecil counties. We are proud to share that we have served over 2000 clients through the provision of pharmacologic and talk therapy services. We have seen people come with many different stressors and various levels of functioning and we are pleased to have assisted them in returning to an improved, healthier functioning state of being. Our services have included psychiatric medication evaluation and management for all ages, psychotherapy, and the evidence-based COPE and Coping Cat series of programs:  cognitive behavioral training programs to help children, adolescents and young adults with depression, anxiety, impulse control and anger management issues transition from unstable mood states to improved functioning and mental well-being at home, at school, at work and in social settings.  

Our goal remains to continue to provide family friendly pharmacological services, talk therapy and other services useful to the community, in a safe and supportive environment as well as expanding  our holistic health offerings to serve the needs of our clients and the community. Please follow our website for information about upcoming offerings.


"You guys are awesome"

"Great [practitioners] and staff"

"I like how when you come in it's a very neat, clean environment. Feels very cozy and comfortable"


"Sara is awesome and extremely helpful"


"I love this doctor's office, I would never leave"

"Everything is wonderful"

"I absolutely love this staff and the office"

"Sara and Patricia are both amazing"

"You guys are awesome"

"Sara has always helped with getting our appointments in a timely manner. She definitely goes above and beyond and it's greatly appreciated"

"Thank you"

"Very satisfied with the facility"

"Just recommended [Audrey] Forka to a friend"

"Staff is always lovely and caring"

"[Practitioners] are thorough and great during appointments"

"This is the most wonderful staff"

"[I] enjoy coming here"

"Everyone here is on the ball and they're very professional towards clients and make me comfortable during every visit"

"They are great"

"I love Audrey"

"Don't change anything"

"[I] love this doctor's office"

"I love this place, it's home away from home"

"I am very happily pleased with my care every time I come"


"[They're] doing a great job"

"Audrey and Patricia do an amazing job"

"Patricia is compassionate, understanding, a great listener and gives professional, clear feedback. Receptionists are efficient, friendly, accommodating and generous"

"I always look forward to my appointments"

Praise for our practice:

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