Building mental health resilience, every encounter, every client

Meet the Team

Audrey A. Forka, MSN, CRNP

Audrey Forka, CRNP is a Family Psychiatric Mental Health Nurse Practitioner at the University of Maryland Harford Memorial Hospital. She is also a psychiatric provider for children, teens and families at Norkris, her practice in Havre de Grace, MD. Additionally, she serves as clinical Adjunct Preceptor to Nurse Practitioner students from Drexel University, University of Cincinnati, University of Delaware, Vandebilt & Walden Universities.

Audrey’s philosophy as integrative family mental health practitioner is founded on her belief that the body, mind and human spirit are dynamic systems of an integrated whole encompassing physical, physiological, spiritual and environmental interactions that require regular attention for optimum health. On occasions the systems become unbalanced requiring additional support. During periods of unbalance the goal is to provide safe holistic, pharmacologic and psychotherapeutic treatments based on researched and validated scientific treatment standards to clients including children, teens, young adults, adults and seniors in the communities she serves regardless of race, socioeconomic status, spiritual beliefs or lifestyle. She empowers you to be active partners in your whole health and well-being.

As a professional certified clinician and wellness coach, she provides compassionate individualized and effective treatments tailored to your unique needs to help you recover from setbacks and step up to your natural harmonious rhythm of life.

Audrey’s journey to become a compassionate healthcare provider started as Staff Nurse at Princeton House Behavioral Health Hospital. Unit Manager for Acute Care Behavioral Health System, Crisis Nurse evaluator at Christiana Care Health System and Consult Liaison Nurse Practitioner managing complex medical psychiatric cases.

She earned a Master of Science in Nursing degree in Family Psychiatric Mental Health Nurse Practitioner as well as a Post Graduate Certificate in Nursing Education from Drexel University. Her passion for caring was nurtured by a practical nursing degree from Somerset County Technical Institute enhanced by an Associate’s RN Degree from Raritan Valley Community College in Branchburg NJ.   

Prior to her nursing career, she earned a Bachelor’s Degree in Communications & Mass Media Arts from the University of the District of Columbia. She also served as Media Specialist at National Geographic Society, & Assoc. Specialist at a Community Mental Health provider in Washington DC.


Patricia Ejoh, CRNP

Patricia Ejoh, CRNP is a board certified Family Psychiatric Mental Health Nurse Practitioner with a holistic approach that seeks to understand and enhance well-being through assessments and interventions involving positive psycho-social characteristics with diverse populations, ranging from young adult to geriatric populations. Her focus is on the person; listening carefully to their concerns and making them the focus of clinical attention without ignoring their broader subjective and cultural experiences.


She has strong clinical skills enhanced by great communication skills, psychotropic medication management, and a profound interest and ability to develop effective therapeutic alliances with patients and their family members while maintaining appropriate professional boundaries. Patricia is a skilled educator and patient advocate.

Prior to private practice, Patricia who is Drexel University graduate managed a fast growing Residential Service Agency as Director of Nursing. Her goal was to train caregivers who would assist patients in their homes to achieve the best outcomes with dignity, humanity and professionalism. She also served in numerous positions as a Registered Nurse working in the Emergency Department and outpatient facilities.


Lula Heatley, MSW, MRC, LCSW-C

Lula Moultrie Heatley, MSW, MRC, LCSW-C is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker with 25 years
of clinical experience providing an array of therapeutic clinical services from a biopsychosocial

Her services address the many stereotypes, prejudices and stigma society places on individuals experiencing persistent emotional, social, and behavioral health challenges due to mental illness. Consequently, she believes in championing and advocating with other professionals and stakeholders involved to develop resources, services, and judicial reform to meet the complex needs of individuals and families affected by mental illness.


Lula received her (BSW) bachelor’s degree in Social Work from Columbia College , (MSW), Master’s Degree in Social Work from University of South Carolina, School of Social Work, (MRC) Master’s Degree in Rehabilitation Counseling from the University of South Carolina Medical School, Graduate Certificate in International EAP from the University of Maryland School of Social Work , and a Graduate Certificate in Psychiatric Rehabilitation from the University of Social Work School of Medicine in Columbia, SC.

She is a Maryland Board Approved Social Work Clinical Supervisor, Maryland Board of Professional
Counselors Clinical Supervisor and Certified Substance Abuse Counselor and Clinical Supervisor.

She has extensive experience providing micro and macro level services as an Administrator, medical
social work and psychotherapist in the fields of behavioral health, criminal justice, hospice, home care, addictions, EAP, and as an Administrator of several behavioral Health programs developing management initiatives to address behavioral health needs and services.

Specific highlights of her career include emotional, behavioral, psychosocial, addictions and EAP services to individuals that deserve a competent, educated behavioral health professionals who respects the individual differences utilizing cognitive and behavioral approaches to assist each individual to achieve the best evidenced based care and services they deserve, with integrity and respect of their personal needs and goals as a human being.

At Norkris Services she provides expert facilitation and delivery of therapeutic behavioral health services, including employee assistance assessments (EAP), mental health, alcohol/other drugs (AOD), and critical incidence response services, i.e. suicide, trauma, PTSD, and other emergency incidents requiring traumatic incidence response services, including petition of courts for emergency hospital admissions

Her career is highlighted by a series of advancements with increased breadth and depth of responsibility as a result of her consistent track record of success. During her career she has succeeded in achieving program objectives by providing strategic insight for executing organizational goals year-over-year. In recent years she has been involved in several vital programs and process improvement initiatives as an Administrative Director of the Baltimore City Circuit Court, and Baltimore City Juvenile Court, (CMET)Court Medical Evaluation Team.


River Mihok, MS, CPRP, COPE Specialist

River earned a Master’s degree in Clinical Psychology from Loyola University in Baltimore, Maryland, and has worked in the mental health field for over twenty years in settings which have included offices, homes, schools, residential treatment centers and substance abuse center. She has worked with all ages, most recently focusing on work with young people. River is licensed and certified to facilitate the COPE Program for children, teens, and young adults. Additionally, she uses other materials and modalities as well as her years of mental health experience and experience in specific areas of study to provide a safe, friendly, supportive and educational space for kids to work on feeling better.

River is very enthusiastic about providing and teaching kids tools that assist them in having more self-control of their thoughts, feelings, and behaviors and that help increase their self-esteem and resiliency. She believes having a toolkit enables kids to better cope with their current life challenges and that learning at a young age allows the child to continue to develop these skills as they mature.

River's treatment philosophy is to meet the child wherever they are and to personalize the skills and teaching for their unique challenges. If the child already knows some of the techniques from other places we work together to deepen their skill set. This is not psychodynamic therapy but rather a structured and concrete set of evidence-based and empirically-researched programs that may support and enhance psychodynamic therapy or be effective on their own. River believes that the more healing modalities available to an individual the better, the more tools to choose from to help cope with one’s challenges, the better. She endeavors to provide as many tools as she can to aid kids in acquiring healthy and constructive coping skills. 

She has recently become a certified rehabilitation specialist and is taking her knowledge and skills to begin working with adults again in addition to children. 

She has additional education of five years participation with The Thunderboom Institute in Drum Consciousness Training, a residential year at Wilderness Awareness School's now Anake program, an apprenticeship in Sacred Plant Medicine and one year spent with the Circle of Transformative Writing.

Fuseini Seidu, Practice and IT Manager

Fuseini is a professional, compassionate, and multi-talented Licensed Clinician experienced in providing integrative clinical services with respect and integrity to clients of all ages in various healthcare settings. He has experience in several environments, including inpatient/outpatient mental health, medical as well as surgical rehabilitation facilities. He is also experienced in providing individual and group fitness, life and wellness training for international governmental agencies.

Sara Watson, Office Administrator

Sara is a fun, loving, and compassionate individual who wants to make a difference one person at a time.  She is a graduate of Elkton High School followed by a brief career in retail until the birth of the joy of her life—her son. Attended Strayer University studying Business Management. A major life event changed the course of her life when she served as primary Caregiver for her ill grandfather until he transitioned. While caregiving she realized that she really wanted to help people and transferred from Strayer to Kaplan University where she earned Certification as a Medical Assistant.

Sara joined Norkris in 2016, and continues to grow. Since joining Norkris she has completed Certification in Medical Billing and Coding.

"It makes me feel amazing knowing that I am the first person clients talk to or even the last person they talk to before they leave. I try my best to have everyone smile before they leave. We all deserve to be happy, I am a firm believer that our mental health should be a priority. If we are not able to take care of ourselves mentally how can we take care of someone else, or even grow as a person?"