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Building mental health resilience, every encounter, every client!

Norkris Foundation

    Norkris Services, Inc is a behavioral health service provider in Havre de Grace, Maryland.
We have been caring for children and their families’ mental health in Harford, Cecil, and
surrounding counties for over 7 years. Over time, there became an increasing demand for
resources to accommodate clients without health insurance nor means of paying out of pocket. In
response to this growing issue in OUR community, Norkris Services has founded, Norkris
Foundation. NorKris Foundation serves as the non-profit division of NorKris Services, Inc. The
Foundation helps increase our ability to better serve the community through programs such as:  Life Skills Training, Health Education, Holistic Healing Services including Reiki Energy Healing/Teaching, and Psychiatric Rehabilitation. Norkris Foundation will also offer additional methods for healing, such as complementary adjuncts to pharmacology as well as talk therapy. Example topics include: lessons in nutrition counseling, exercise, nature, therapeutic essential oils, acupressure, and other
healing modalities.

      In the near future, we at Norkris Foundation are looking to take the Amazing Therapeutic experience that we provide here at Norkris Services , Inc to the next level by introducing “Norkris’s Gr8 Space”. Norkris’s GR8 Space is a dynamic, engaging community providing a therapeutically focused psychological, social academic, and spiritually stimulating space for all whom enroll. The operation will focus on youths, ages 12-19 years old, with a personal and or family history of mental health or co-occurring substance use disorders. The program will be for students who reside in Harford, Cecil, and surrounding counties.  Norkris's GR8 Space will serve as a structured day program and drop-in center Monday through Friday from 9am to 6pm, and Saturdays from 9am to 7pm. Norkris's Gr8 Space will Serve up to 15-30 adolescent clients on any given day, and provide opportunities to engage in comprehensive psychiatric evaluations, individual/group therapy, academic engagement, peer support, music/art therapy, creative dance, and so much more!!

With your financial assistance NorKris will be able to provide research based treatments that promote prevention, recovery and achievement of optimum mental well-being for a balanced, productive and functional lifestyle, and not only for adults, but children and families as well. Please consider donating and giving the gift of good mental health!

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