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Building mental health resilience, every encounter, every client!

Kids Corner

For children, teens and young adults



    Kids who come to our clinic are usually hurting in some way or another. They are usually overwhelmed in some area of their life. They often do not possess the skills necessary to handle the life stressors they are facing. They often have self-esteem issues, are unable to manage their emotions or impulses, and may not have emotional or psychological resilience. They are often depressed, angry or anxious.


     At NorKris we provide a safe, friendly, and supportive environment in which kids are able to acquire tools that help them learn how to change their thinking, how to better manage their impulsivity or anxiety, and how to regulate their emotions among other skills thereby increasing their self-esteem as well as their emotional and psychological resilience.





     We believe that every child is innately gifted and we work individually with each child, teen, and young adult to provide them with a toolkit that can be used to help them cope better with their challenges so that they may become more successful in life and in developing their own unique talents.     



     At this time we offer a combination of evidence-based and empirically researched Cognitive-Behavioral programs for kids with anxiety, depression, impulse control issues, anger management issues, kids with weight issues, kids with headaches, and kids with general mood issues who are very stressed and overwhelmed and who may have a mixture of these issues. We also offer medication and medication management for kids. Please stay tuned for more programs coming soon.

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